Tips for Writing an Essay

Tips for Writing


When writing a paragraph, use PEAL to help structure your writing

  1. First, write your thesis statement in your introduction paragraph. This should highlight the main point of your essay.
  2. P – POINT: Each paragraph should clearly start with the point you want to make. This should be linked to your thesis statement and help you prove or support it. E. ‘Firstly, I will discuss the new techniques that made Da Vinci influential’
  3. E – EXAMPLE: Give an example that supports what your point is. E.G. This technique can be seen in the Mona Lisa’. If you are using a quote, you do not need to include a long quote just to have one. The example should support your point, not be your point. Don’t use quotes just to have them! They need purpose in your essay!
  4. A – ANALYZE: This should be the largest section of your paragraph. This is where your ideas and opinions are seen. Why is the point you made important? Has it made any social/religious/economic/political changes, impacts or influences? Don’t rely on 1 or two sentences. Think big picture and clearly show why it mattered and is worth talking about. E.G. This created more interest in art/it influenced education as people now began to have more access to knowledge etc.
  5. L – LINK: Once you have finished your analysis, link the paragraph back to your thesis statement. This should keep your points focused and show that your answering what you’re meant to answer. E.G. This shows exactly how Da Vinci was as an artist ect.

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