Test yourself

There has been a lot of content in the previous history posts, so here’s a chance for you to test yourself! Here are some sample questions from the Renaissance, Reformation and Counter Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Absolutism and The French Revolution. Write a paragraph to answer the following questions: How did the Renaissance create a new… Continue reading Test yourself

Renaissance Moves North

  The previous blog post was about the Renaissance and where it began, but these ideas did not just stay in Italy, they began to spread North into other areas of Europe. Over time, the Renaissance began to expand its borders and move North through Europe.This happened because of people moving but also because of… Continue reading Renaissance Moves North

Renaissance Ready

Sometimes students struggle to comprehend what the Renaissance was. Here are some key ideas that may help you. The Renaissance was all about CHANGE…That is the key idea of this section. The Renaissance began in Italy because of an interest in learning, the arts (literature, art,writing…) and a desire to explore the human experience.  It… Continue reading Renaissance Ready