PEA Analysis

  What is a PEA analysis and how do I do one? Sometimes, a PEA analysis can be called TEA analysis, when the word Trend is used instead of pattern. To obtain full marks in one of these questions, make sure that you answer/refer to the main ideas in Patterns, Evidence and Anomalies. Patterns This could include Maps… Continue reading PEA Analysis

Have you been Enlightened yet?

The Enlightenment  During the 1500/1600s,The Scientific Revolution transformed the way people looked at the world. This led to a revolution in thinking called ‘The Enlightenment’ There were a number of Enlightenment Thinkers during this period in the 1600s. Check them out below! Thomas Hobbes (England) Hobbes wrote a book called ‘Leviathan’. In this book, he shared what… Continue reading Have you been Enlightened yet?

Scientifically Revolutionised!

  The Scientific Revolution took place during the years 1500-1700. The scientific revolution was a time when there were many changes in science and modern and new science was discovered and developed. Scientists started to question accepted beliefs and make new theories based on experiments. People for looking for evidence and proof instead of just believing… Continue reading Scientifically Revolutionised!

How to draw the best Sketch Map!

You will have to draw, label, annotate, understand or interpret a sketch map, especially if you are a Geography student. You may even have to add some information yourself. Here, I will walk you through some things that will ensure you complete a great sketch map. First, draw a border. Use a ruler and make it… Continue reading How to draw the best Sketch Map!

Counter Reformation

The Counter Reformation, or the Catholic Reformation, was an attempt by the Catholic Church to reform itself and also try to stop the spread of the Protestant religions that had emerged (Luther, Calvin..). The Catholic Church wanted to win back the people that they had lost and fix the problems in the church. The Counter… Continue reading Counter Reformation

Top Tips for Studying

Studying can be very daunting, especially at the end of the year when you have to learn everything for every subject. Even if you haven’t been working hard all year, studying well can make a difference. Here are my top tips.   Get organised! There is no point in trying to study when you’re notes… Continue reading Top Tips for Studying

What this blog is about!!

Hey all! 🙂 I have been teaching for around 6 years and I see students struggle close to exam time trying to figure out what to learn. So, I decided to help all those students out, that is my job after all! I have set up a Youtube Channel (please like and subscribe) which aims at… Continue reading What this blog is about!!