Why do people live in Floodplains?

A lot of people would never even consider living in a floodplain, but, despite the obvious hazard of floods, living in a floodplain can have some advantages for those that settle there. Here are some reasons why there may be settlements near floodplains.

  1. Floodplains are areas of flat land. This means that they are easy to build on and farm on because there are no hills, mountains, slopes etc.
  2. The soils found on floodplains are rich in minerals so they’re very fertile for growing crops. They’re ideal for farming
  3. Rivers  are natural route ways and they can be used for trade and transport
  4. Because floodplains are close to water, they can provide drinking water to those that live near them
  5. Rives also provide a lot of natural resources for example they can provide fish for food

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