Megacities – The good and the bad

A megacity is a city or area that has more than ten million people, for example Shanghai, Hong Kong or Jakarta to name a few.


With that amount of people, there can be a lot of problems in megacities. Sometimes, these cities and their populations are growing so fast that the government cannot implement policies and services to support them properly. This has negative affects on the physical environment and the things that have been built there.

Negative factors:

When a city has that many people, people find it hard to get jobs because there is so much competition so there is a high rate of unemployment. Healthcare services, like hospitals, cannot always support the amount of people that need them and the city can develop waste problems from litter or not having the correct services to control the amount of waste produced. Water sources can be limited and unclear because of the waste levels, there can be limited housing or shelter, traffic congestion, noise and air pollution and degradation of the environment.


However, because megacities are so vast, they can also have a lot of positive factors.

For some, they have more access to education and employment, the standard of living is good, there are a lot of services and resources available to them, water sources are clean and efficient and there is good levels of sanitation.

As you can see from above, there are a lot of disparities or differences within these megacities. Some people are given a lot of opportunities, while others have no access to these. There are huge differences between the rich and the poor. The positive opportunities of megacities are not always what people experience.


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