Dense and Sparse…what’s what?

What is density? A lot of students struggle to remember what this means. Density means the amount of people or things in a given space.  Distribution then means the way that something is shared or spread out over an area.

Crowded Places = densely populated = high density.

Less Crowded Places = sparsely populated = low density.

There are many different reasons for areas having dense or sparse populations. People are not spread evenly around the world and there are reasons for this. Positive and negative reasons attract people to areas or away from areas.


What makes an area have a dense (high) Population? What positive things attract people?

People can be attracted to an area by positive human and/or physical factors.

Physical factors can be things like flat, fertile soil, warm weather, farming land/easy land to farm, water supply, natural vegetation, natural resources being available.

Human Factors range between having a good economy, technology, transport, housing, health, education, standard of living, investment by the government, services and jobs  being available


Why are there areas with sparse (low) population? What factors make people NOT want to live there?

Just like densely located areas, physical and human factors influence peoples decisions to live somewhere.

There are physical factors like extreme climates (too hot/cold), land that is unstable for agriculture, poor or unclean water supply, crime, lack of natural resources or an area prone to hazards


human factors such as weak/bad economy, lack of reliable technology and/or transport systems, lack of affordable or safe housing, bad healthcare systems  and education opportunities, no investment by the government, limited services, limited creation of jobs and few cultural opportunities.




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