Demographic Transition Model



Stage 1

  • birth rate is high and the death rate is high.
  • The population remains stable
  • Very few countries are at this stage


Stage 2

  • birth rates are high but the death rates begin to fall.
  • Population is increasing.
  • Lots of countries in the developing world are at this stage, due to improved medical care, but poor education.


Stage 3

  • birth rate starts to fall.
  • Population growth begins to slow down.
  • Many LEDC’s are at this stage as they are beginning to educate their people about birth control and more women are working or getting an education instead of having large families.


Stage 4

  • Low birth rate and low death rates.
  • The population total begins to stabilize
  • Most MEDC’s are at this stage.


Stage 5

  • The population has begun to decline.
  • An aging population (people are not dying due to good medical care, but babies are also not being born due to good access to contraception and a stronger desire amongst women to work.
  • Death rate is now higher than the birth rate due to unhealthy diets, pollution and lack of exercise.

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