Test yourself

There has been a lot of content in the previous history posts, so here’s a chance for you to test yourself! Here are some sample questions from the Renaissance, Reformation and Counter Reformation, Scientific Revolution, Absolutism and The French Revolution.

Write a paragraph to answer the following questions:

  • How did the Renaissance create a new emphasis on individual achievement? Include at least two specific people and their accomplishments.
  • What were three effects of the printing revolution? Name and explain importance.
  • Why did many Christians call for Church reform? What reforms were demanded? Why?
  • What were the goals of the Catholic Reformation? Be specific and use examples.
  • Why did persecution increase after the Reformation? Explain and give an example.
  • Why did some people oppose the heliocentric theory of the universe?
  • How did the scientific method differ from earlier approaches?
  • How did persecution of Huguenots and expulsion of non-Catholics harm France?
  • What were the causes of the English Civil War?
  • Explain why either Peter or Catherine deserve the title, “the Great”.
  • What concept can be explained by the execution of Charles I of England in 1649?
  • Explain 3 reforms of the National Assembly.
  • What was the structure of the ancien regime in France.
  • Explain why the ancien regime led to tension in France.
  • Compare and contrast the Jacobins and the Girondins.
  • Explain 3 challenges to Napoleon’s Empire.
  • Explain the downfall of Napoleon.
  • Explain two reasons for the decline in Spanish power in the late 1500s.
  • What is the National Assembly? What did it achieve/do?
  • What is the National Convention? What did it achieve/do?
  • What was the Declaration of the Rights on Man?
  • What was the Committee of Public Safety?
  • What was the Reign of Terror? Who was in charge of this?

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