How to draw the best Sketch Map!

You will have to draw, label, annotate, understand or interpret a sketch map, especially if you are a Geography student. You may even have to add some information yourself. Here, I will walk you through some things that will ensure you complete a great sketch map.

First, draw a border. Use a ruler and make it neat. Measure it if you need to. Presentation  in key.

I think dividing the map given and the space you’re drawing a map in the same way helps. That means, look at the map your working from and LIGHTLY use a pencil to divide it in 3-6 sections. With the map you’re creating, do the same inside the border you just drew. This will help you to place things on the map accurately. Once the map is complete, don’t forget to erase these lines!!

Pick out key features (or features you’re asked to include in the question) and draw them.It will show a rough estimation of where things are. Try to be as accurate and neat as possible. Always use a pencil.

Try to get the features they ask you as close to their correct location as possible.

Your drawing doesn’t have to be a work of art but being neat and clear with information is essential!

In every map you should include the following: FACKTS should help you remember each step.

Frame – Outline around the map. USE A RULER

Arrow – Direction arrow pointing north

Colour – Shade and lightly color different areas and features so the map is easy to read.

Key – A key is a box that includes symbols that represent things in your sketch-map

For example: if you draw a road on your map with broken lines (—) this should be represented in the key to allow people to read your map. Everything in the key should match something on the map.

Title – Give the map a name ‘Sketch Map of…..’

Scale – Shows the relationship between a map and actual distance. (for example: 1cm on the sketch-map = 1km in real life)


Happy Mapping!


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