Excelling at charts!

Many of you doing an IA or a research project will have to create a beach profile. Making the graphs for beach profiles can be tricky, here, I have tried to make the steps as easy as possible for you!

  1. Open an excel worksheet.
  2. Type in your data, using whatever information you have. In this example, I have used movie genres. The subjects go across the top and along the side. The heading of the subjects, here for instance is genre goes in box 1A


  1. Highlight the data.
  2. Once all of the data is highlighted click ‘Insert’ and Charts.

Depending on what type of computer you have it may be slightly different! I am using a MacBook Pro.

a) You can click insert and pick from the charts that come up on the right, preferably recommended charts



b) Click insert, click charts and click the type of chart you want to work with



If you pick the type that looks like what was in the IA example we looked at for beach profiles/gradients, it should look like this below



On the top and on the side, you can edit the information, change the colors, make it 3D etc. You can add a title, texts boxes and format it the way you would like!


Follow these steps for all different types of charts and data! You can edit as much as you like to make the presentation look how you want it too. You can also repeat the steps and create different types of graphs too!

Hope this helps!! 🙂


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