Renaissance Ready

Sometimes students struggle to comprehend what the Renaissance was. Here are some key ideas that may help you. The Renaissance was all about CHANGE…That is the key idea of this section.

The Renaissance began in Italy because of an interest in learning, the arts (literature, art,writing…) and a desire to explore the human experience.  It was a rebirth and a time of creativity and change. People were looking to improve their lives after the Dark Ages and the Plague.There was more trade with other countries after the Crusades, as they brought knowledge and new products to Europe

What was Humanism –This meant that there was more focus on humans as individuals and individuals’ ideas. People were beginning to express themselves more and in different ways.These ideas and developments were supported by wealthy patrons. Patrons sponsored the Arts by donating money, supplies, space to work and anything else an emerging artist or writer would need.

The Medici Family were one of the most famous and influential patrons. They gained control of the Florentine government in 1434 for 2 ½ centuries.Cosimo was the founder and was very charitable and was pro literature and Art. He opened the largest library in Europe introducing Greek sources and also Founded the Platonic Academy

Lorenzo, his Grandson, surpassed previous achievements.However, he used his power in tyrannical ways, which eroded the good will of the people. Lorenzo’s word was very powerful and could influence people. He was often referred to as Lorenzo the Magnificent

Renaissance Art:

Humanist concerns became popular in Art at this time. Art began to reflect humanist concerns, religious figures mixed with Greek backgrounds

New Techniques were constantly being used.  Perspective in art made the works more accurate. Artists studied people and anatomy so that their work would be more realistic. Fresco Paintings were paintings that were painted onto wet plaster. It was more durable and long-lasting as it soaking into the walls.

Women were more restricted than men during this time period. They overcame limits. Sometimes husbands took credit for their work and presented it to others as their own.

Architecture began to change too. It rejected Gothic styles and used columns, arches and domes


Some Renaissance Artists/Writers etc:

Leonardo Da Vinci                   Raphael                       Maciavelli

Michelangelo                                    Petrarch





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