Renaissance Moves North


The previous blog post was about the Renaissance and where it began, but these ideas did not just stay in Italy, they began to spread North into other areas of Europe.

Over time, the Renaissance began to expand its borders and move North through Europe.This happened because of people moving but also because of the Printing Press, which made the world smaller by giving people more access to books at a faster pace.

Writers tended to use humor to discuss current events and offer opinions on issues in society – religion etc

Who were some of the Northern Renaissance Writers??

Erasmus – He wanted a vernacular form of the Bible, in the everyday language so the ordinary and uneducated could read the Bible.

More- He wanted social reform and wrote about this in his book called ‘Utopia’ – a perfect society’

Shakespear – had a huge influence on the English language through his plays and depicted power struggles and tragedies in them. Shakespear is one of the most famous writers of all time.

The Printing Press

Previously books had been handwritten which happened at a very slow pace and it was easy to make mistakes. There were very little copies of books because it took so long to write one.

However, in 1456, Gutenberg printed the first edition of the Bible in Germany. The Printers were made of wood and stamped the print onto the pages almost. It meant that books could be printed at a much faster pace. Because of the printing press, during the 1500s almost 20 Million copies of the Bible were printed. This help increase the pace at which the Bible and ideas spread.

People became more educated as a result and began to learn things for themselves rather than accept what they were told by others.



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